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Tonal Color Harmony Class

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Not sure which color family your brand or marketing should be in? We'll break down each of the 4 seasonal color palettes + help you determine which one is right for your business!

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If you aren't sure what colors familiar are - or if your colors are in the right balance - this is the class for you.

We will break down each color season + why it will be the best choice for your audience base.

By knowing if your brand/marketing strategies could be in the winter, summer, spring or autumn season - you'll be able to more cohesively communicate your visuals + convert your customer to sale.

Become the #colorboss + start rocking your visuals!


You’ll get instant access to a login area that includes:

-The video of the class for instant streaming
-A visual photo breakdown of the most important parts of color seasonal analysis to achieve tonal color harmony

who it's for

This class is for anyone interested in color balance + can't answer the question "what family are your colors in"?

It's also crucial intel for anytime you're working with color!

We've seen customers apply this to their video/photo editing, wardrobes, brand colors, advertising campaings...even interior design color palettes!

So use this Tonal Color Harmony Class to understand color use in a deeper way + become the most iconic brand in your niche!

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Made with color theory, design + psychology in mind, we put personal time + attention into every product.

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Color psychology is a newer field - be one of the first to reap the benefits in your life + business!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve bought some of your stuff. Is it possible I already have access to this?

Hi again! No, this class is brand new here. But if you have any doubt, email us!

Do I need special software to access this?

Nope! You will be sent to login to your portal + will be able to instantly watch the class.